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htw is a constantly growing molding company based in Ludesch, Austria.

Design, development and construction represent an essential part of htw. We offer a whole range of pre​fabricated cap designs as well as individual product design. These are produced either under licences or by specially manufactured molds.

The required tools for the production of plastic products are manufactured in our own plant. According to the customers‘ demand we offer mold sizes of 1 to 96 cavities.

For the operation of these tools, our own hotrunner system toolstar or a customer preferred system can be applied. Thereby, we establish a high process security, which is of great importance in the field of injection molding.

  • over 30 years of experience
  • well trained and experienced staff
  • export rate around 90%
  • worldwide service
  • individual product design
  • specialist for cap production
  • mold design service
  • fabrication of molds with up to 96 cavities
  • cycle times down to 2 sec

Made Of Steel – Made In Austria

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