Injection Cap Molds

Non-Carbonated Drinks

26/22 mm, 29/25 mm, PCO 1881, PCO 1810, 30/25 mm, 38 mm

Carbonated Soft Drinks / Hotfill

PCO 1881, PCO 1810, 38 mm

Special Caps

Custommade solutions

Cooking Oil

One or two piece solution

Agro Chemical / Motor Oil

Screw Cap or Push-Off thread

Flip Tops

1K - 2K Flip Tops

Child Resistant / Drug Container Caps

All kind of medical applications

Life Time

  • long-term durability due to utilization of high quality steel
  • diamont coating DLC for all moving parts
  • 5.000.000 shoots per year warranty


  • mechanically protected mold
  • damage-proof mold design
  • Hovadur cores for cycle times down to 2 seconds